Our Very Public Ice Bucket Challenge

While playing in the Netherlands, Albany Down completed the Ice Bucket Challenge – in a slightly more public display than we’d intended…

The Ice Bucket Challenge

Billy Walton challenged Albany Down to do the Ice Bucket Challenge right before we were due to go to Culemborg in the Netherlands to play their Blues Festival, so we figured that after our set was the perfect time to do it.

However, while we were carrying our buckets around trying to source some ice water, the promoter saw us and wanted us to do it on stage. The stage manager wouldn’t let us (because electrocution sucks) so they made us do it in the middle of the crowd instead. Here’s how it went down.

It wasn’t a warm night, but thankfully we all had a change of clothes with us – except for Billy, who only had the one pair of jeans so had to suffer a wet butt for the rest of the night!

Here is the link to the UK donation site: https://www.justgiving.com/mndassoc/
And the US alternative: http://www.alsa.org
Please donate all you can – we donated our gig fee to the cause!

Our nominations were Federal Charm, the Chantel McGregor Band and our producer Greg Haver. At the time of writing they haven’t responded yet, so here’s hoping they get on it soon!


I know there has been some controversy over the ice bucket challenge and the amount that the ALSA actually donates to the cause. I haven’t done enough research of my own to have an opinion either way, but one thing I know for sure is that without this campaign they would have earned a hell of a lot less than they did. have a peek at this site Donations are sitting at $31.5M in August 2014 against the 2013 total of $1.9M. Even if only 27% of that goes towards research it’s better than nothing. So stop being cynical and understand a great viral campaign when it pours water over your head.